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Might need to setup some access control policies in firewall/switches. The first step is to prep your NAS so it is ready to accept video saved from a Hikvision IP … <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 13 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> When assign the NFS permission for NFS mount type, please select No mapping for Squash option. I just looked at my NVR settings and do not see a way to backup direct from the NVR to the Synology. Then you will see the message box below, enter the username and password under Info tab. Step 3. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. for  Hikvision: How to upload the snapshots to the FTP server on a Hikvision IP camera, How to configure No-IP DDNS on Hikvision NVR. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In our case the IP address of Synology NAS is and user name/password is admin/12345. $('#local-search-submit').click(function() { }); H2=�tP0!C�%�ߝ�0��N�2a����5���Y�q�c4K�O)!u湇)J�M���T0���t�W7e҄z��j�Q}�������T�L��hZŽ Log onto the web page of QNAP Turbo NAS. And under NFS permission tab, you will see the mount path (file path) is /volume1/TestNas. The NFS does not require to log in credentials but the access security has to be configured on Turbo NAS. If you can see the Hikvision share over the network, then just about any third-party app should be able to manage the backups for you. 5. Navigate to Control Panel > Privilege Settings > Shared Folder. Most Hikvision cameras can only support writing to one local (or edge) storage device at a time, so don’t attempt to write to multiple devices. In our case the IP address is and user name/password is admin/12345. I user the hyper backup to backup my 4 bay, which is RAID 1+0 (standard config) to my 2 bay which is JBOD, but I have my camera directories real time synchronised. 1. we have an external drive running like this currently; synology should definitely be able to work in the same way. And you know the best part? CIFS is the “Common Internet File System” used by Windows operating systems for file sharing. (This post will focus on NAS setup, we will create a separate article for SD card setup.) Step 2. Step 1. Privacy & Security Policy. What are your experiences, using either set-up? I have Hickvision Model # DS-72008HGHI-SH is there any way to setup back to to another media  for example Synology? Step 3. the DScam app works fine on a mobile even without Port forwarding set up properly. Step 4. the NVR can take the cameras directly and support POE, or taken from your home network and look at the internal ip address, obviously the NVR has to be connected to your network.The NVR moel you are talking about can have two harddrives and again it depends on how much your recording as to what space you need for x number of days. To continue this discussion, please Step 4. 2. Is the sync constant to the cloud? Also enter the username and password of the NAS. 4 0 obj ). $(function(){ ©Camcloud 2020. Enter the IP field which is able to access this NAS. NFS is the “Network File System” for Unix and Linux operating systems. I have mine on A DS416play and also had no problems with a DS213. Create a Shared Folder. Step 5. Input the name of the new folder and click OK. For example: hikcam (this will be used when setting up Hikvision’s camera). if ((!$("#local-search-services-req").val()) || (!$("#local-search-location-req").val())) { Navigate to Privilege Settings > Shared Folders, and click Create to start. Screenshot below shows where this is done. There is a lot more to this topic than can be covered in a short blog post, but these are the main steps and you are now also aware of the main stumbling blocks to getting NAS recording setup for your Hikvision camera! The repo also displays some third party apps. In this article will walk you through the steps for setting up Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) for your Hikvision camera. Navigate to Advanced Configuration > Storage > NAS. jessevas. The good news is this can easily be accomplished with almost any medium-range and up IP camera, and even some cloud video surveillance platforms allow local storage options to be easily configured and retrieved from the cloud apps. In this case, we named it “TestCIFS” under General tab and clicked OK. Step 5. to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Such as: Active Backup for Business, Hyper Backup, Glacier Backup, Replication Service. Use Internet Explorer or Safari. Enter the IP address of NAS (In this example, the IP address of NAS is, the path of the share volume (/hikNFS), choose NFS as Mounting Type and click Save. Log in web page of Hikvision cameras (in this example we are using model DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ). (It’s recommended that you don’t use any spaces in your folder names.). Select the supplier or trade you require, enter your location to begin your search. Step 7. Before beginning there are a few upfront “gotchas” you need to know. I've since added some flood lighting. This is probably worth a blog post in and of itself, but the basic idea is you need to configure the Hikvision IP camera so it knows when you want the camera to record (motion detection, scheduling, etc) and where you want it to record (in this case, the NAS). A shared folder can be only attached to one IP camera. Still they only present the file level abstraction to their clients. Your email address will not be published. Use the tool to quickly gauge the required disk space and bandwidth. Each camera writing data to the partition requires its own share folder. Step 7. Synology  and the DVR is both on my desk what do I do ? Login to camera’s IP address via the web browser and select [Advance Configuration] – [Storage] and tab [NAS] (Fig. In the case of QNAP, this is located in the Storage Manager settings but you’ll need to follow your NAS detailed guides for this step. Select the date and click Search. $("#local-search-form").submit(); problem fixed but I cant play the videos I am seeing them on the NAS, im in the same boat, dont known how to play the video files, who can assist. 2 0 obj Name each share folder a name that identifies with the camera being used, for example: Camera_1, Camera_2, Camera_3… etc. Verify your account The procedure is the same for Hikvision NVR or DVR. Step 6. Quota control is only valid when using CIFS protocol and quota size cannot be zero or empty (for NFS protocol, it is invalid). In this article will walk you through the steps for setting up QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) for your Hikvision camera. Required fields are marked *. Step 1. Hikvision cameras require a dedicated partition for their IP camera. Under Win/Mac/NFS tab, enable the NFS by tick the box in front of Enable NFS and click Apply to save the settings. What Hikvision cameras are people going for? This post will walk you through the steps for setting up Network Attached Storage (NAS) for your Hikvision camera, including a few “gotchas” we’ve learned along the way. Now is the moment to configure the camera. This is probably the most important (and surprising!) Log in to the web page of DS-2CD4132FWD-IZ (this the model of the Hikvision camera used in this demonstration). There might be a conflict that causes HDD error and video loss if a shared folder is attached to more than one IP camera. Navigate to Control Panel > Network Service > Win/Mac/NFS. $("#local-search-location").val($("#local-search-location-req").val()); Night vision on Hikvision dome camera not working. Click Control Panel, and in the pop-up message box, click File Services. OP. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Required fields are marked *. or if you are doing it yourself you can find suppliers local to you. $( "#local-search-error" ).hide(); Then go to the User groups tab and select users by ticking the box on the right side. CAMCLOUD BLOG Covering the latest from the world of IP cameras, home automation and video monitoring. Navigate to Advanced Configuration > Storage > Storage Management. Hikvision: How to upload the snapshots to the FTP server on a Hikvision IP camera. I use  Check the box for Enable file service for Microsoft networking. Go to web client of the Hikvision camera and select NFS as the mounting type and input the server address and file path, then click save.

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