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Your email address will not be published. Living in Sweden is expensive if we are to compare the cost of living with that in other countries. Indeed, the cost of living in a country is the first thing I research as well before traveling. It is very important to know this for me, as a novice traveler. Read more, You can get some sweet deals with your student discount card. The point is that even though the cost of living is higher when comparing actual numbers, the salaries are created to match that cost of living so in most cases, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get a job that pays well and allows you to live a decent life here. And since Sweden isn’t, let’s say, the cheapest place in the world, you’ll need to prepare your budget in advance. But other corridors might have shared facilities instead. You’ll get a separate student card for that. As I said in the intro, the cost of living in Sweden is higher than in most countries in Europe – but there are salaries and social benefits to match up the higher costs, so things shouldn’t be as scary as you might initially think they’ll be. Best Traditional Danish Foods That You Must Try During Your Life! Your monthly costs will depend on a few things. They can still skyrocket if you are not careful, especially during the winter month: if you want to stay in shorts and t-shirt inside when there’s -20 degrees Celsius outside, expect to pay more! It is also dependent on what kind of lifestyle you prefer as well as where in the city you live. If you have to pay utilities, you would have to budget something similar to what I’m suggesting below: The cost of utilities are lower in Sweden than they are in other countries in Scandinavia, such as Norway. Not keen on sharing with others? Here is what you should expect to pay as monthly rent in Sweden, depending on your choice: 1. shared room in an apartment: around 400 Euros/month 2. The prices listed above are for the larger cities. Things are getting a bit cheaper if you are living with your partner: the cost of living for two doesn’t double, fortunately, as rent prices stay the same (but are split in two) and most of the other prices won’t double either. There are many other expenses that you will have each month, but they won’t be regular. After exploring Eastern Europe first (mainly Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia), he settled in the much colder but even more beautiful Scandinavia area since 2016. But you’ll also get to hang out with other people in your corridor when you want to. Out of all your monthly expenses, accommodation will probably be the biggest one. You might end up living in a student residence hall, with 10–15 single rooms in each corridor, with a shared kitchen and common room. In the end, it also depends on your location: larger cities like Stockholm are more expensive, while smaller towns are cheaper to live in. Well, Facebook groups, housing company websites, and classified ads on websites like blocket.se ↗️ are good places to look. And rent in larger cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg tends to be higher than smaller cities. 9 Things to Do in Helsinki that You Simply Shouldn’t Miss, Moving to Iceland? © Karolinska Institutet The approx. There are various aggregates out there that you can use to estimate your living costs in Stockholm, Malmo or any other city in the country, but the truth is that I always prefer a bit of a personal touch and even more I want to see a clear number at the end that basically says this is how much you need each month. Finding accommodation in larger cities such as Lund and Stockholm can also be particularly difficult. How much does it really cost to live in Sweden? Our tips: “Sweden is as expensive as you hear, and also is not as expensive as you hear”. The Swedish rental market is highly regulated, and rental prices differ little across cities. The monthly costs in this category here are always very difficult to estimate, because they can vary a lot from person to person, based on their eating habits. Please note: although Sweden’s currency is the SEK (Swedish Krona), I will list all the prices below in Euros, since it will be easier to relate to that. Answered January 9, 2015. Some provide guaranteed housing for international students. ✨. Seasonality comes into play here, with prices going up during the winter and down during the summer and especially autumn, at least when it comes to vegetables. Is Sweden the right study destination for you? Moving to a small or medium-sized city? And that’s exactly what I am planning to offer. Note, however, that it may be difficult to acquire work in Stockholm. Join a Study in Sweden Virtual Fair this autumn. Select city in Sweden: Cost of living in Sweden is 4.46% higher than in United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). If accepted as an exchange student, the tution is provided free. Having a child (or more) also comes in most cases with the need for a larger apartment to live in and other additional costs for extracurricular activities and events. Where to start? But with all these in mind, let’s see how much should you expect to pay each month for that “decent life”. Unlike in most other countries out there, utilities are usually included in the rent in Sweden. Just a quick heads up – you might need to join a queue system for student housing. Either by arranging housing in corridor rooms or flats. Things change a bit if kids are involved. cost of living per month is as follows (approx) : Food is SEK 2,200*8INR = Rs… The cost of living in Sweden is high. All in all, I think that a safe budget for the food category, for a single person, is somewhere around 300 Euros per month. Try to get a scholarship to reduce the cost of tution fees. That’s fair enough. Swedish universities are prevented by law from organising EU student accommodation. For students who need to apply for a residence permit at The Swedish Migration Board, they require a minimum of 8, 514 SEK/month. Students from EU/EEA countries and students from other countries who hold a valid student residence permit are permitted to work. Then apply for flats. Ask for their full name, address, and personal identity number. LiveScandinavia.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. If so, how do your monthly costs look like when compared to my recommendations? But my recommendations will be for somebody living a normal life – not one of luxury, but not on the lower end either. While similar to the monthly costs in other countries in Scandinavia, the living expenses in Sweden can stretch a budget if you’re not careful. Common warning signs? Don’t send money before you’ve signed a contract and have access to the flat. Renting is not cheap in Sweden and prices for buying property are even higher. Or you might spend less. Search for the address online to see if it exists. Fees range from SEK 50-350 per semester, depending on the union. Out of all your monthly expenses, accommodation will probably be the biggest one. Unsure about a landlord? VAT.nr: SE202100297301About this websiteNews from KIKI calendar, Clinical Science and Education, Södersjukhuset, Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Other (insurance, phone, clothing, leisure, etc.

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