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I know that fiber core is hung past my house so I’m really eager to get the rest of this install scheduled to my premises and start using the service. Can the service be suspended for a period of time such as 4-5 months when no one is using it? I live in town in Boyne City, less than a mile from GLE headquarters. When the time gets close we always yearn for a short cut....quicker, that is human...but this takes time...all are treated fairly and honest answers can haunt you...never fear it is near....it is ours..relax, watch progress happen.....encourage you? Stay tuned! Stand by, We are processing your payment. Hi Marty, we haven't forgotten you, don't worry! Megan, welcome to Michigan! In the mean time, spread the word, and thank you for your interest and excitement! Overall, the Petoskey area build is expected to take 2-3 years. Thank you. Great Lakes Energy(GLE) is exploring the possibility of expanding Truestream fiber internet and voice service to the Boyne service area! C&I members can learn more about demand and GLE’s demand charges in this PDF. I have no high speed available. If you have any questions, let me know! It hit our Commission on Ageing "UPDATE". It looks like you are part of our Petoskey West area, which is third for demand. Hi Janice - I apologize for the delay, but it sounds like you are all set with your service agreement, you should be seeing us out there soon! eXCITED TO SEE HOW OUR NUMB, July 26th. Will service be provided to the Silver Creek subdivision yet this year? If you have any other questions, please let me know! Green is just the color distinction for your area, which is West Traverse. Several of the homes in your subdivision are within 1,500 ft. of our main line, which could make them a Petoskey A2. Hi Dr. Zako - We have put the word out there, in Country Lines, a bill insert, on social media, and just recently, a postcard to everyone in the Petoskey service area. Thank you for registering your interest and spread the word to your friends and neighbors! Could you update us as to when you expect to bring us on line ? Ellen, we are getting close! Good day yesterday. If you are an existing Great Lakes Energy C & I member or if you are not currently our member, but are interested in our electric service, email us at commercialservices@glenergy.com or call 888-485-2537, ext. Julie, Unfortunately, we have had intermittent issues with the program, so we are removing it for now and looking for a better option. :D. Hi Shawn, why yes, we do have a map of the exact location of the main line path that connects all of our substations. I think we might have a count that will interest others...I have to see... Hardly slept last night, but this is possible and i have to thank my champion Julie Bailey. Great Lakes Energy is your local electric cooperative with a mind for technology and a heart for service. 89 talking about this. I'm in Petoskey East and excited to see that this area is 67% towards completion. Holy cat biscuits Shawn, we are excited too! You will be hearing from us shortly to confirm you are still interested, and let you know the next steps. Phone service currently costs me $19.99 on Spectrum / Charter. Truestream COVID-19 response is online at truestreamfiber.com/news. My current ISP advertises internet speed of 100 Mbps but I actually get about 65 Mbps which does not surprise me because the signal is running over copper wires. So far that is Petoskey East and Hayes. they will jump at the chance to register their interest, and spread the word to their friends and neighbors, therefore creating a higher demand for that area. While we are actively working in your area, there are no installation or start-up fees, for a standard installation. Today some hail, rain, leaves dropping like flies...however there is plenty of dig time ahead. We aren't seasonal occupants We live here year round! Spread the word and get your friends, family and neighbors to register their interest as well - demand will help us determine where we build next! What if we have under ground electric service to our home? Lynn, we'll get there! One was already on his cp. Our plan is to bring high-speed fiber internet to all of our Great Lakes Energy members. This project brings a life-changing service to people who are in desperate need for that connection, and we are so excited to be able bring that service! Currently, we are very limited with what is available and the high cost of those services. Thanks very much-- Bob. We will have more details on that this winter. We are so excited about the potential of fiber coming in to our area. One big unifying meeting in the near future to put our county on the map! Thank you. Reason I ask, is that I have been explaining that even if they are in a contract, by signing up now shows support for Truestream but at the same time does not mean they have to terminate their current contracts. I have been fairly happy with them, but there are a lot of slow times and they do not have the equipment to get me a faster connection where I live. Are you tired of not having access to an internet connection, or having unreliable communications services that leave you dealing with slow downloads, interrupted calls, lagging games, buffering videos, and general frustration? Tim. I do. We feel for the unbeatable download AND upload speeds we offer, not to mention the excellent customer service, we are competitively priced. No, I will not do it alone. and my twp meeting is tomorrow night. Dakota, we plan on on completing the Petoskey service area in 3 years. Will look for mailed info as well. Barbara, you should have some information to pass out at your township meeting delivered Friday. The Harbor Springs area is looking like a 2020 project. From seasonal dirt roads to swamps, overhead and underground service, we are here to bring you the high-speed internet you need - and deserve! Hi Al, we couldn't have said it better ourselves! Encourage your friends and neighbors to register today - your registrations will help us determine where to build next! Do we need a specific amount of people in the entire Boyne area, or just a specific number of people in any neighborhood in that area to guarantee service? Hi Larry, thank you for your interest in Truestream, and wanting to take advantage of the postcards! I like the 3 packages with options for speeds and I like that upload/download is symmetrical! But yet when the group was asked "how many have data caps" well over half raised there hands. Get recent news from Great Lakes Energy and learn about upcoming events. We will see what this winter brings for weather and installations, but if that schedule changes we will let you know! Hi Julie, thanks for your follow-up. Stay tuned, we are looking into offering some sort of a seasonal plan! Almost wanted to give him a hug haha. Installation will follow the same path as the electrical, if it is overhead, it will be overhead. we already have the fiber lines connected to the power poles outside. It sounds like your community wide meeting was a big success for Truestream! After all, the fiber gets too my house but the signal is still going to be going over the network wires in my house, correct? As a bit of a history nerd, the parallels between the early days of the electric co-op and now bringing fiber to our rural members is so interesting and exciting to me, we are truly making history! Wayland next! Yes, the residential voice option is a home phone service. Get the internet you want and deserve from a company that has served Michigan members with innovation and reliable service for decades. Hey Julie, what is the ETA for my area.

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