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It feels profound and I think it might have something to do with taking back my own power. I was with another woman and we both were on a riding trip. As such, they can reflect our own intuitive nature. Only Show Spotlight Ads. Dreams about horses may be triggered by something you did that day or a tangentially related event in the recent past. This new way of relating to sexuality or life energy can uplift or expand consciousness to the point where we arrive at cosmic consciousness. We don't bet on losers; we bet on winners or at least that which we believe will win. I know. While seeing things in black and white terms is not necessarily a bad things, we might want to consider if such thinking is always helpful and try to be a bit more flexible from time to time. The stallion: masculinity, power and virility or a man. Sometimes, you will.” So says Buck Brannaman, a true American cowboy and sage on horseback who travels the country for nine grueling months a year helping horses with people problems. I have this dream every night for a week now and it's the same routine. She did not say a word to me, but walked with stately steps down the stairs, through the hall, and out of the door. I went to the door and opened it to call her, when suddenly I saw her coming down the stairs, all dressed in white. A grey horse, however, may give a bit more wisdom to one's use of the power of the white horse. The talking horse might mean we've recovered our voices accept our knowledge as valid, useful, and worthy of respect. What do dreams about horses mean? Overworking a horse, that is, riding it hard, causing it to sweat and not giving it time to walk off the run, take a little water, and then giving it a rub down before returning it to its stall is a recipe for disaster. Must Have Video. Must Have Photo. At one point though we rubbed against each other with a degree of sexual pleasure. I seemed to understand that I was to do a milkround. The horse depicts human instincts that have been harnessed or socialised for generations, but have perhaps been let slide into non-use or crushed. Fear of ones own strong desires or urges; avoiding the responsibility of directing ones own feelings and desires. There was every sort of horse – many riderless, all surging in a mass so thick there seemed no space between them. And every single time, I got right back up and go right back on! Her articles on dream interpretation and Jungian psychology have over 2.1 million views. See: cosmic consciousness. Dreams of sick horses mean our power is draining. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of modern-day analytical psychology, believed that horses in dreams symbolize our own life energy. Example: I love horses too and they are great teachers, for they mirror what goes on inside us. Dreams about horses are a fairly common dream theme at bedtime. Brown horses in dreams can symbolize a time of feeling safe and secure in our relationships at home and even indicate a comfort with ourselves. They actually resembled something that looked like a fluffy rhinoceros weighing in at around 8,000 pounds! Blinkered horse: Not allowing oneself to see what is happening around you; anxiety about life, or an attempt to control ones natural anxiety or panics. Seeing the wild horses of the Camargue region of France is an activity on more than a few folks' bucket lists. This allows us to look at the seasons, to adjust to them in a completely new way than the animal. An animal speaking in a dream is of special interest is because the animal is actually giving a voice to our unconscious. We write about them. Example: I was driving along Tottenham Court Road with my wife and my youngest son. I knew it came for my younger sister. Taming horses in dreams means we are holding the reins to our lives instead of being ridden by an unseen force. "For example, we may have a discussion about a movie, and I may dream about a character or situation from that movie when I sleep." Controlling the horse or fear of it: Trying to control, or fear of, feelings of love and sexuality, of our own natural drives and emotions that are powerful enough either to give us motivation in our activities, or drag us along unwillingly. If you had a dream about a horse in distance or horse in general, you will have a lot of luck in the upcoming period. Anna A few weeks ago I saw a documentation about Buck Brannaman. This energy wave rises, but in fulfilling itself in genital sex the wave falls again, self-awareness with it. It is also survival drive, sexuality, love, all yearning toward service, toward metamorphosis, all that has powerful energy to move us. No one ever learned to ride a horse without taking a fall. The remains of a one horned creature was found in Kazakhstan in 2016 and scientists believe its kind is the actual source of the mythological unicorn. "It's important to look at the dream in the context of what you're feeling during the dream and as you remember it," Gay says. I can't hear or see him after a few seconds. Have a physical check. The dream shows how easy and integrated she is with this. As part of a Huffington Post series on dreams and their meanings, we spoke to Volney Gay, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, anthropology and religion at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., to get expert advice about the meanings of your or your loved one’s horse dreams. The human faculty is to transcend, to make that change. The energy that carry – or pull – us through growth and ageing, as happens when we dream of a horse drawn carriage or cart. That you carry because it is weak from being mistreated before coming to you. Also it has to do with sorcery and magic spells, especially the black, night horse, which heralds death.’ In a woman’s dream the horse can sometimes represent her relationship with a man and the power and strength she gets from that, as in the following dream. In dreams, horses can stand for our own hard work, such as the energy and efforts we're putting into our careers, our relationships, or creative endeavors. Avoiding your dreams is tantamount to avoiding your own thoughts and feeling. Looking to watch 'Dreamer: Inspired By a True Story' on your TV, phone, or tablet? Horses like other animals are quick to respond to love and danger. It's important to balance hard work with rest and play. Why? Alternatively, a talking horse in a dream might be using word play to convey the exact opposite: that we feel "hoarse," that is, that we feel unable to express ourselves or our emotions. Falling off a horse in a dream symbolizes nothing more than getting used to something unfamiliar to us. Home Search Help Contact Sign In Dream … It is helpful to make sure our dream horses are working diligently, but we also want to make sure they aren't overworked. Example: As I talked to the pale golden horse it felt more and more as if I was talking to a male companion who was in union with me. and Ph.D. in psychology and religion from the University of Chicago. Improper care can make good horses go bad—just like their humans. Taming an animal means we're keeping all the best traits of that animal without losing its valuable instinctual side. The dream involves having the courage to take on something new, something unknown, and having the tenacity to continue tackling that new venture until it becomes second nature to us and we're able to ride it like the wind. Dreams are better thought of as progress reports from the psyche. Finding the drain's location helps us recover our power and our health. Part of HuffPost Wellness. Edward. When we dream of sick horses, horses unable to bear their burdens, or horses that are collapsing, we can take the dream as a sign that the we are also feeling under the weather or unable to cope with the demands of our lives. Any Ideas? In this sign the animal nature is ruled and directed by the human spiritual nature. But Bellerophon tried to ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus (Heaven) but Zeus caused Pegasus to throw him off and fall back to Earth. We've done our work diligently and thoughtfully, we've learned to discipline our minds and emotions, and now, at long last, we're ready to take the reins and put all we've learned to good use. One dreamer who saw a man thrown from a white horse realised that it showed how, “The forces of restraint, moral, sexual, worldly active that I have been imposing on myself have been thrown off.”. I usually dream of wolves but recently I had a dream about a horse. As a symbol, death is not always negative. In talking animal dreams, the unconscious is just represented in images, but also in words. If we look at the Zodiac from there on – Capricorn, we have the half goat half man figure – until we arrive at Aquarius, a fully fledged human figure. Working horse: The energy or motivation needed to work; how you feel about yourself, that you are only a work-horse, or perhaps treated as such. "Horses have distinct qualities and roles in every culture on earth. Horse unwilling to move or carry: Your inner natural reaction is against the action or direction you are trying to go. Dream Horse in US theaters September 4, 2020 starring Toni Collette, Damian Lewis, Owen Teale, Joanna Page. I enjoyed reading your article and think you were able to get almost all the meanings together in one place. At Stud Only? ©2020 Verizon Media. He rears and spooks a couple of time then looks around frantically then gallops away into the white blank area around me. As I talked about my mother, she was standing before me in full anger and blaming me for bringing out the witch in her. Perhaps just lightly he experienced cosmic consciousness, the state of awareness that transcends ones own limitations of body and mind. Falling off horse: Relating badly to ones urges and needs. To determine your personal meaning, look at how the dreams about horses make you feel, and how you react to them. Finally, we'll take a brief look at the most famous of all horses, the legendary unicorn who, as it turns out, isn't as fantastical as we once thought.

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