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The line through the steering axis creates a pivot point around which the tire turns. The advantage of this is that the tire rolls as the wheel is steered, which reduces the effort when parked, provided you're not on the brake. Since most people are not going to design a whole new front end for their RZR, this option really isn’t an option. It would have a very low stress level on the front end parts and would never add to a rough ride. Even though scrub radius in itself is not directly adjustable, it will be changed if the upper steering axis point or spindle angle is changed when adjusting camber. By inclining the steering axis inward (away from the wheel), it causes the spindle to rise and fall as the wheels are turned in one direction or the other. So we’re changing to a new wheel with same width but 8 mm lower offset. One of the first accessories that people purchase for their new RZR or any UTV for that matter are wheels and tires. We have made some CAD drawings of this to illustrate what we are talking about. We can also say this because we have driven UTV’s with scrub numbers in this range and we would say anything in this range is fine. Deep dish and deep concave wheels are typically a negative offset. The CAD drawing below shows a stock wheel at 5/1 with a 30” tire on it. Ordering wheels in the correct offset is key, as if the offset is not correct, handling can be affected negatively, rubbing can occur or god forbid, the brake caliper may not clear the wheels. With a lower offset wheel, the entire wheel & tire assembly will move out. Thus, since it has a tendency to maintain or seek a straight ahead position, less positive caster is needed to maintain directional stability. This means there is less than half an inch between the king pin inclination line and the tire center line where the tire contacts the road. Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. When the pivot point is in the exact center of the tire footprint, this causes scrubbing action in opposite directions when the wheels are turned. Between 28lbs and 65lbs and not that tall. With the increase in UTV traffic at the shop there is one thing that we see a lot that is a serious issue people should know about. This is the case on a MacPherson strut which has the camber adjustment at the steering knuckle. Better traction, taller tire, better ride, cooler wheels and wider wheels are just some of the reasons which are all good. Though you may be familiar with basics like tire size, wheel width and bolt pattern, there are other specs to consider as well, most notably wheel OFFSET. As the tire height and weight goes up, the scrub must go down. So it may be safe to say that we have not quite seen it all but surely we are pretty close. Of course, you can always consult our Modification Experts, who are well versed in the finer points of wheels and tires and can guide you to precisely the right offset to achieve the look you’re going after. Two, wheel offset. Stand in front of your front tire and imagine a line running through the upper and lower ball joints of the spindle that continues to the ground. With positive offset, it means that the hub mounting surface is brought closer to the wheel center line. More importantly, the more wheel offset you get (less to the inside and more to the outside) the more scrub radius you get. Negative offset is when the hub mounting surface is located closer to the inside wheel flange in relation to the centerline of the wheel (SEE PICTURE ABOVE). JavaScript is disabled. This brings up the question “what is the right amount of scrub radius for a UTV”? This is also the line that your wheel and tire pivot on when you turn the wheel. The steering axis inclination (SAI) is the angle between the centerline of the steering axis and vertical line from center contact area of the tire (as viewed from the front). The larger the scrub radius is the more feedback and shock load you get. If yours are out a tad bit wider you may want a -10 or -12. you could always use a 3mm spacer if you fall a little short. The kingpin axis is the line between the upper and lower ball joints of the hub. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to deviate from manufacturers standard offset. The term scrub radius derives from the fact that either in the positive or negative mode, the tire does not turn on its centerline (it scrubs the road in a turn) and due to the increased friction, more effort is needed to turn the wheel. The only way to know for sure how much the new offset will affect scrub radius is to put the car on an alignment rack. Factory is just under 1/2” at .427. For example, when the wheels are pushed out from the body of the car the scrub radius becomes more positive. When ordering wheels and tires, there’s a lot to consider. There are three types of wheel offset namely positive, zero and negative. Spotlight: Red & Gold S197 Ford Mustang GT Racer on Forgestar CF5 Wheels, Customer Spotlight: Shane Kucyk’s Super Clean 2007 E90 BMW 335xi, Quick Snap: Audi A5 [B8] Gets A New Look on Forgestar CF10s and KW Coilovers. Every contemporary Original Equipment wheel has a positive offset, however O.E. For example, my old Honda Prelude SH has 16x6.5 wide, 55mm offset wheels while a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport comes with 16x7 44 mm offset wheels. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Conversely, when the lines intersect above the road, negative scrub radius is present. Very good combination. In the first drawing we have a stock 5/1 wheel offset with a 28” tall tire. Negative Offset. Looking for some wheels that will maybe have a slight bit of poke when it comes to fitment on a stock widebody challenger. In the case of a negative offset application, the hub face is recessed further inboard towards the center of the car. How does this happen? The diagram to the right shows a wheel with a positive offset. Additionally, taller, heavier wheels and tires used in off road for strength and for better ride quality place way more stress on the front end components and that stress needs to be managed. UTV’s, sand cars, super lite, Pro 4 and Trophy Truck are just a few. Older cars tended to have very close to zero scrub radius but often on the positive side, while newer cars with ABS tend to have a negative scrub radius (this is why most newer cars have wheels offset more inboard). What does wheel offset do? FAQ: When Are Wheel Spacers Right For You? Industry norms are as follows: Class 1 off road, 1/2 to 3/4” of scrub radius. Scrub radius is changed whenever there is a change in wheel offset. The inclination of the steering axis is measured as the angle between the steering axis and the centerline of the wheel. At its simplest, the wheel offset, represented in millimeters (mm), is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the face of the wheel hub. This set up would be very smooth feeling. Our experienced Installation Team has years of car-building experience to make quick work of your install. Because camber is usually kept within 1/4° side to side, the resulting scrub radius difference is negligible. This will cause the tire to stick out away from the vehicle. As we said earlier, if you’re not sure about whether or not a specific offset is right for you, ModBargains team of Modification Experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you choose the best option for your vehicle – chat online at ModBargains.com or just call 714-582-3330. Positive Offset, Zero Offset, and Negative Offset. It also provides center point steering in the event of a tire deflation, which provides greater stability and steering control in this emergency. ZERO OFFSET Good or bad, that was it. Understanding your wheel offsets will allow you to run more aggressive wheel/tire combinations that push the limits of fitment as far as they can go without rubbing or clearance issues. With this suspension, the scrub radius is not adjustable. Because if you know why something acts the way it does you can make better decisions and more informed purchases. When the intersection is below the surface of the road, this is positive scrub radius. The distance between where these two lines where they contact the road is called “Scrub Radius”. This is pretty tough to answer because every form of motorsport requires different amounts for each intended use. Only two three things can change scrub radius. Check out a few examples of how offset can affect fitment in the photos below. You purchased 17x8 ET 45. This has .843” of scrub. A positive offset moves the centerline of the wheel further outward towards the outer edge of the wheels, as is common on front-wheel-drive vehicles and some newer RWD vehicles. This imaginary line is called “king pin inclination”. Most OEM tire packages have a negative adjustment, meaning the contact pact is pulled in a little bit toward the center of the car. Wheel offset is simply the distance from the wheel centerline to the hub mounting surface. It does not matter if you use a spacer with a stock wheel or an aftermarket wheel with a lot of negative offset, the result is still the same. After all, they should know all about scrub radius right? Positive Vs Zero Vs Negative Offsets.Diagram Credit cocomponents.com, Generally speaking, you can slightly deviate from your recommended offset by a few mm without adverse effects, but ideally test all four corners of the car with a tire mounted on the wheel to be sure of fitment. HellCat.org is a forum dedicated to the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat & Demon. Check out a few examples of how offset can affect fitment in the photos below. Better traction, taller tire, better ride, cooler wheels and wider wheels are just some of the reasons which are all good. For instance, nearly all Volvo models are Positive-Offset designs. Now imagine a line running through the centerline of the tire from top to bottom where the tire contacts the road. The suspension will work better and feel smoother but the underlying issue is still there and will continue to create problems. Positive Offset Effects. The scrub radius is shown at the bottom at .427”. NEGATIVE OFFSET We shipped wheels for your 2011 WRX that came with Original Equipment (OE) 17x8 ET 53 wheels. Tuning off road suspension on a daily basis allows us to drive many vehicles with many set ups and different environments. SAI adds positive camber while turning for both steering tires. A negative offset (making the tire stick out more) will wear things such as ball joints, ti rods, bushings, basically all your suspension maintenance components much faster than a stock set up. 1/4” of scrub has less of both but may not have enough road feel for some people. offset varies. Squirm occurs when the scrub radius is at zero. Road feel is less but by such a small amount it would be hard to notice. The smaller the scrub radius is the less feedback to the wheel you get. Discussion Starter • #1 • 18 d ago. Some of these issues are: Excessive feed back into the steering wheel, Steering tracking with any line in the road or trail, wandering, Overall stiff, rough ride over all obstacles, Premature wear on all front end and steering parts. Tire wear and some instability in corners is the result. I have an aftermarket widebody kit from Vicrez, which is slightly wider than the stock … Three, tire height. But, sadly the answer is no, out kits won’t fix their geometry problems. Some of you may already have a 4/3 offset or more and wonder if going taller with the tire will help you. The loads developed by these are way under a Class 10, Class 1 or Trophy Truck. The scrub radius has gone down from .427” with a stock tire to .343” with a 30” tire. For instance, road racing, go carts or even the new Vette off the dealer lot use a lot of scrub. Chassis handbook : fundamentals, driving dynamics, components, mechatronics, perspectives / Bernd HeiÇing, Metin Ersoy (ed.). Expert Installations Negative offset wheels are mostly found on trucks and off-road vehicles where the wheels stick out past the fenders.

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