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A perfectly chilling Aaron Taylor-Johnson rounds out the cast as the psychopathic Ray Marcus, who terrorizes the Hastings family. Nocturnal Animals cuts back and forth between several narratives. Let’s see why! Obviously, Susan doesn’t know this. The book reads that it’s dedicated to Susan. During the violent encounter, Ray hits Tony in the head with an iron bar while Tony fatally shoots Ray. We watch Susan's face harden once more into a mask of sadness. Let’s tie these two threads together now and get to the explanation for what the heck happened at the end. He is looking for revenge. We don’t know what the next chapter is for her, but [the previous] chapter is over. In the novel, the gang who raped and murdered Tony’s family are the nocturnal animals. Tony finds him in the trailer where he raped and murdered his beloved Laura and India. In an interview on Jeff Goldsmith’s Q&A podcast, writer/director Tom Ford affirms this interpretation: Does he not show up as an act of revenge, or does he not show up because he just literally can’t face her? That Susan might initially like his romantic nature but would eventually hate him for not having the right drive to build wealth. As Susan reads the book, we are shown Tony’s character played out by Edward. Tony has been written in the image of Edward. So he dangles in front of her the opportunity to meet again and possibly rekindle old flames, only to allow her to come to the slow realization that he never intended to show up. All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. As it stands, I think Tom Ford threaded that needle and created a film worth your attention. He’s polite, docile and possibly weak – so is Edward. Did you just watch the movie I’m Thinking Of Ending Things directed by Charlie Kaufman and …, Hi, this is Barry, welcome to my site, and this article is about Braid, a psychological thriller written and directed by Mitzi Peirone. Tony is left helpless because he was too weak and lost his wife and daughter. He kills himself and the book was his last goodbye to Susan. "Much to say," she writes, and signs the email, "Love, Susan.". Detective Andes sends Tony pictures of Turk, but unfortunately, a traumatized Tony can't recognize him. The goons get Tony and his family to step out of their car stating that they will fix their flat for them after which they will go to a police station to report the accident. Elie Wiesel once said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” Thus, the film’s ending is a much more hurtful form of revenge than anything Edward could actively do to hurt Susan. This is not typical Edward, but he puts the question like he’s going to arrive like the charismatic hero Susan needs him to be at the place and time of her choosing. Lou forces Tony to drive the goon’s car and takes Tony to the far end of an abandoned town, leaves Tony there and drives back. An alternative explanation to the ending of Nocturnal Animals, which came from Lavinia Sha in the comments section below, is this. Because Bobby is dying, he doesn’t mind taking the law into his own hands so that his last case is not left open. Edward agrees but as a revenge, he stands Susan up. Sounds too petty and lame for a revenge?

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