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‘Kind Hearted Woman Blues’ – Influenced by Leroy Carr By all accounts, Robert was more interested in music than he was on working in the fields, which put him at odds with his stepfather. In the 1970s and 1980s, he became a NASCAR racing team owner; he sponsored such NASCAR champions as Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip.He produced a line of fried pork skins and country ham. The legend unfolds like this: Johnson, always enamored of the Blues and desiring the ability to play guitar was, unfortunately, a mediocre talent. Eric Clapton has been one of the most vocal to pay tributes to the King of the Delta Blues, including recording a complete album in his name – 2004’s Sessions for Robert J. Robert Johnson grew up in Memphis and learned the basics of the guitar from a brother. At Ground Zero, the food was good…music bad. Robert, like many others, performed the songs that earned him money, songs his audiences requested. The legend said that he made the deal at the crossroads of Highways 49 and 61, who re-tuned the guitar with Robert’s soul as payment. ‘From Four Until Late’ – similar to ‘Four O’clock Blues’ by Skip James and ‘Tom Rushen Blues’ by Charley Patton Charles Dodds changed his name to Charles Spencer in 1913. Robert Leroy Johnson is part Generation Z (also known as iGeneration). Then, aged around eight or nine, Robert moved back to the Delta to live with his mother and her new husband Dusty Willis. That’s the way I heard it also Ray. Robert Johnson influenced everyone from Muddy Waters to The Rolling Stones, and shaped the future of rock’n’roll. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. (There was a couple of murders their). This story was a fable spread more by the locals and "old timers" that could not explain the amazing talents the Mr.Johnson had accuried "over night". A crossroad is the junction of a country road and a railroad line . During his career as a walking musician, he adopted eight different surnames, mostly stayed with women whom he seduced. He became known as Little Robert Dusty. Robert Johnson’s career as an itinerant musician started after the death of his wife, Caletta in 1932. Asked the Lord above ‘Have mercy, now save poor Bob, if you please’ ”. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. One , song is Crossroad Blues, not Crossroads. ‘Hell Hound on My Trail – based on Skip James’s ‘Devil Got My Woman’ In 1920, he was still Robert Spencer, living in Lucas, Arkansas with mother Julia and stepfather Dusty Willis. “The most accomplished and certainly the most influential of all bluesmen.” According to a Doctor, it is possible that he had an aneurysm caused by syphilis and his love of drinking moonshine. has a big sign made of two big guitars at the "business" intersection of these highways. I agree with you 100%. Railroad tracks and road Erie feeling. Trying to find out who is the mother of Claud L. Johnson, the son of Robert Johnson… who died in Crystal Springs, Mississippi in 2015. Robert Johnson was twenty- seven years old when he died on August 16, 1938. It's pretty much astablished that a juke joint owner whose wife had carried on with Johnson gave Johnson a bottle of whisky laced with rat poison and Johnson, who was at this point apparently a degenerate alcoholic, ignored warnings from friends not to drink anything from this man, unless it came from a sealed bottle, drank the whisky and died. It is a distraction to think of the crossroads as a physical place rather than a very important choice. This decade will be known for the rise of smartphones, social media, internet stardom, and always being connected to the web. His music is brilliant, his delivery and his guitar playing were unique and rightly revered, but the songs he recorded are often derivative of other earlier recordings. Robert Leroy Johnson was born on 8th in May 1911, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. ‘32-20 Blues’ – based on Skip James ‘22-20 Blues’ The speculation was that he was enhancing the sound of the guitar using the technique called corner loading. Robert Johnson was rumored to have gained his guitar techniques by making a deal with the devil. I believe the whole bunch of you are full of corn on this matter. Charles Dodds had moved to Memphis as a result of problems he was having with some prominent Hazelhurst landowners. I got an old town map and followed the real highways and the tracks I came across seems more believable. Remote, lonely, dark, small swampy area, trees. Robert apparently taught himself guitar, harmonica, Jew’s harp piano and pump organ. This really fustrated him to the point that he often said that .."I would sell my soul to the devil just to learn to play (the guitar)".One week-end mr.Robert didn't show up at the juke joints, and it did kind of puzzle people because he was a persistent cat. His mother Julia Major Dodds had ten children before him. Even the facts of his life are confusing. Robert Johnson’s career as an itinerant musician started after the death of his wife, Caletta in 1932. The cause of his death was unknown, only that he died near Greenwood, Mississippi. Others, of course, do not bother asking, they just go to the junction of Highway 61 and Highway 49 and have their photograph taken. Good thing Robert didn’t hear that. Robert Johnson moved between cities like Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas, and the towns between the Mississippi Delta and Arkansas. His father was Noah Johnson. Alan Jackson is there a cure for the corona virus blues ? ... RJ"s death certificate was illegal as no doctor was there at his death and state law required a coroner to rule on a cause of death. No one really knows for sure. ‘Come on in my Kitchen’ – melody based on ‘Sitting on Top of The World’ by The Mississippi Sheiks But that’s another story. But Robert Johnson had managed to release eleven 78-rpm records with help from Vocalion Records. Cause of death. Just where he is buried is just as confusing as how he died. The city of Clarksdale Miss. The most popular story is that he was given a bottle of whiskey containing some type of poison by a woman's jealous husband/lover. You may also light a candle in honor of Robert Johnson. Went their from Chicago and followed the trail all the way to clarksdale Ms. And looked at old maps and I believe that I found it in my opinion. Robert was sometimes accompanied by fellow Blues musician Johnny Shines or Henry Townsend. It confirmed that Robert had died in Greenwood on 16th August 1938 aged 27 years-old. Robert, that’s very interesting, thanks for sharing, I agree I went their I I think I found the track s you are talking about . I’m wild about the blues. Share with: Link: Copy link. Robert Glenn Johnson Jr. (June 28, 1931 – December 20, 2019), better known as Junior Johnson, was a NASCAR driver of the 1950s and 1960s. Robert Johnson was born in 2010s. Twenty years later, he became the King of the Delta Blues Singers. ‘I’ll Believe I’ll Dust My B’oom’ – based on Kokomo Arnold’s ‘Sagefield Woman’ Blues and an even earlier recording by Carl Rafferty, ‘Mr. They reveal the cause of death, death certificate filing state, county and city, deceased's address and family members, siblings, parents, household size, place and date of birth. We have only hearsay as to precisely how he died. They were successful in music. I was able to actually have a conversation with him and he told me all about Robert Johnson. Just sayin’. The couple moved to Clarksdale, Mississippi a year later. He was paid possibly no more than $100 and Johnson was soon on a train back to Mississippi to resume the life of an itinerant musician, temporarily richer having pocketed money from his recording session. One point that’s bothered me for 40 years: where is the crossroads ?My theory is divergent and based on facts of the times . What do you think of the answers? After his death, Robert Johnson’s recordings became famous due to his skill with the guitar and his soulful voice. May 8, Discover what happened on this day. Gayle Dean Wardlow, a Mississippi journalist, went in search of Robert Johnson’s death certificate and found it in 1968. Robert was sometimes accompanied by fellow Blues musician Johnny Shines or Henry Townsend. They played Jukes, parties and dances, just as they had always done before heading back to Mississippi via Arkansas. When legendary Blues man, Robert Johnson, was killed at the age of 27, his death is said to have spawned a curse. His first release was ‘Terraplane Blues’ coupled with ‘Kind Hearted Woman Blues’; it would be the only one that sold in reasonable numbers at the time. Around 1930, Son House, considered by many to be the most gifted of the Delta bluesmen of this time, moved to live in Robbinsville, which is when Robert first heard him play. ‘Love Over Gold’: Dire Straits Storm The US With Lustrous Fourth Album, ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll’: The Glimmer Twins Shine On The Rolling Stones In 1974, ‘Bless You’: Martha And The Vandellas Say A Pop Farewell, ‘Three Dog Night’: The Slow But Sure Arrival Of A Rock Institution, The Georgia Peach At 18: Little Richard Makes His Studio Debut, Watch The Video For Justin Bieber And Benny Blanco’s ‘Lonely’, Listen To Elvis Costello’s New Single, ‘Newspaper Pane’, Hear Local Natives’ Ethereal New Track ‘Lemon’ With Sharon Van Etten, Lana Del Rey Returns With ‘Let Me Love You Like A Woman’, Common Added To Virtual ‘Planet Afropunk’ Fest Line-Up, Five Rollicking Rolling Stones Cover SongsThe House of Cobraa, Robert Johnson’s Timeless Tune – Mus111- Tessa N, The Legend of Robert Johnson – Grassroots Values, CTS 2: Music Cultures: Authenticity 23.01.18 – Abbeygale Rose Corrigan, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/177068588/claude-l.-johnson, John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton - The Beano Album. The 61 highway has since been stubbed off and routed southwest, but it originally followed the train track out to highway 49. Oh, and also mumble rappers, e-cigs, hashtags, memes and legalization of pot. I have also read a few accounts stating he died from pneumonia and some that said he died of syphilis. Due to variances in the way the death index was created, some records may have incomplete (partial) Date of Death information . Trains were the mode of transportation for poor people , not a automobile in the 30’s. Three days later he was back and cut ’32-20 Blues’ and then the following day he cut nine more takes on seven different songs.

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