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We’re watching movies for ‘Rhiannon,’ we’re watching the old Excalibur movies and the King Arthur movies. Read the interview here. “We are just as good as they are... That’s why there should be more women in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because we worked just as hard.”. the 1975 Fleetwood Mac hit of the same name. “From that moment onward at the very end of ‘Edge of Seventeen’ I go, ‘I know what it sounds like, I know what it sounds like, I know what it sounds like when doves cry. That’s the only way you’ll ever get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. The lyric was written by Nicks to express the grief resulting from the death of her uncle Jonathan and the murder of John Lennon during the same week of December 1980. I haven’t even talked to Mick. Harry Styles inducting her. “Without all the makeup and everything, they just looked like three really cute, little teenage girls. “Bootylicious” not only topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it was so popular that the word was added to the dictionary thanks to the song’s success. “Whenever I feel really guilty, then I say to myself, ‘Well they haven’t called you either.’ That’s your excuse out. “I always feel like I know them, even though I really don’t. “I haven’t talked to anybody in Fleetwood Mac. “It was between Michael (Campbell) and I — it was incredibly difficult for us to even look at each other. The late icon Prince also has a presence in Nicks’ concert film. 'The Edge of Seventeen' is perfect. She gives Styles credit with warning her about the serious impact the pandemic would have on touring. Twenty-two men have been inducted twice, including Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Lou Reed and all four members of the Beatles. They gave me a chance to pretend like I was playing guitar. “He’s watching me to learn, just like I watched Jimi Hendrix to learn or I watched Janis Joplin or I watched Buffalo Springfield or I watched all the different bands that Lindsey and I opened for,” Nicks said of Styles. Speaking of the pandemic, Stevie Nicks may not be able to tour but she’s been working hard on a new TV miniseries. Then of course, they’re just like me, they put on those — whatever it is that makes them — them. It’s like there are people that I really need to call that are important to me that I have not called.”. Though they haven’t written or recorded together, Nicks admits “we will.”, Styles topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year with the sweet pop song “Watermelon Sugar” from his new album. We’re all going to be so excited when it’s over that we’re all going to be over-friendly and calling people all the time and people are going to be like, ‘Back off. I don’t think anybody ever gave me that chance ever again.”. And it takes your mind off of everything that’s going on. Just months before he passed, the pair got together at the British Summer Time at Hyde Park in London to perform their 1981 hit “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.”. It was really a marvel to see,” Nicks said. I’m really, really good friends with Mick,” she said. Stop.’ I think that hopefully we’re all going to get through this and please God will show us the way and we’ll be OK.”, Stevie Nicks singing "Rhiannon" from her new concert film "Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold the Concert.". I would stand up next to him at the very beginning when it was starting and if I even put my hand on Michael’s back, it was like both of us just started to wither,” she said. “We don’t seldom just sit around at night and talk, because there is nothing left to talk about. “Edge of Seventeen” is the third single from Stevie Nicks' chart-topping debut solo album Bella Donna.The song reached #11 in both the US and Canada. She dedicates her performance of “Moonlight” to the Purple One and his photo is above her as she sings the classic “Edge of Seventeen.”, “He was inspired by ‘Edge of Seventeen’ to write ‘When Doves Cry.’ That’s really when he and I started to sort of be friends,” she said. Since, they’re performed several times together and Styles even previewed his latest album, “Fine Line,” for Nicks and some of her friends before it was released in December. “Not only did I not call them, but they didn’t call me either. Nicks was first inducted into the Rock Hall in 1998 as a member of Fleetwood Mac, and she made history when she became a member as a soloist last year. “I hope that I will be the catalyst for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame allowing some other women to come in because they should. Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen (Live In Chicago) - YouTube Beyoncé will qualify for induction as a member in Destiny’s Child in 2023 and as a soloist in 2028. The show is based off the Welsh goddess Rhiannon, which inspired Nicks to write the 1975 Fleetwood Mac hit of the same name. ...Then I did my guitar playing part, which was totally fun and so when I left there, I felt like I knew them. We had a great day,” Nicks said. “I got to sit there with them and hang out with them all day long. Since then, they’re performed several times together and Styles even previewed his latest album, “Fine Line,” for her and some of her friends before it was released in December.

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