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When you do this, a link will be placed directly after your excerpt, pointing the reader to the full post. Search for the More Block and click on it to add it to the post or page. So if I was just to put in, this is the title, this is content. This is more content. With Gutenberg, you can now edit the "read more" text for each post, and do so directly in the editor. It’s its own element and blocks with a read more tag. Top ↑ Block Settings Panel # Block Settings Panel And now one of the block … You can also type /more and hit enter in a new Paragraph Block to add one quickly. And let’s just say I wanted to add the read more tag in between, I would just go here to this plus sign and add a block. The read more block is used when you want to include a short introduction on your blog homepage & archive pages, and then link the reader to the remaining part of the article. In order to add a More Block, click on the Inserter icon. So you just add that in between the content that you want to add the read more. NOTE: The read more block does notactually show up anywhere on your single posts. Once you add the block, you can edit the Read More text that appears by default by clicking in the middle of the dashed lines, erasing the text and typing anything you want.

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